The peanut butter and jelly sandwich as matured a bit. It’s gone from grape jelly and peanut butter on wonder bread to almond butter and Rosemary-Thyme jelly on artisan-made, gluten-free, whole-grain bread. By applying the preservation techniques usually reserved for berry fruits, to a gamut of herbs and spices, we offer the chef an unprecedented pallet of easy-to-incorporate flavors. Add a teaspoon of any flavor of jam or jelly to a bit of olive oil and vinegar and you’ve got a novel salad dressing. Add a teaspoon to plain yogurt for dessert. Mix a teaspoon into your morning spinach smoothie. The possibilities are endless.
Grab your favorite whiskey and get ready to make a whole new array of unusually flavored highballs.


Salads have a place in every meal I serve. I like to think of setting the table with a salad. Salads can be made in advance and most are best served at slightly cooler than room temperature, so setting them out with the silverware gives them just the right amount of time to reach that.

Sides & Appetizers

Accompaniments that draw attention to the main course.

Snacks or GoMart Foods

These are the items you wish you could get at the convenient store or gas station.

Main Course

These recipes typically feature meats and or vegetable proteins. Pair them with a salad for complete meals.



These are the foods we aren’t allowed to eat.