No business is perfect and there will always be instances wherein a business will fail to meet the promises to its customers. In case this happens, always make sure that you provide an understandable explanation so that your customers are not going to make complaints. Customers will surely understand if they are given an exact explanation of why things went wrong.


Never fail to express gratitude to your customers. Always thank customers to the point that even if they only came back to complain, you will still express your gratitude. Thank them even if they only had a window shopping at your store. Thank them even if they made bad comments about your product or service because it is in this way that your business will grow and be able to determine the parts where it needs improvement. Make sure that in thanking them, you are sincere and genuine and avoid sounding forced and fake.

Compare a smiling saleslady to a frowning one, which would you prefer? The smiling one, right? No one wants a moody front staff. No one wants to deal with a moody person at all. A smile shows that you are genuinely intent on giving them customer satisfaction. A smile may be a small gesture but its impact can do wonders to your business and customer queue.

A lot of videos about rude customers are going viral which proves the fact that not all customers are going to return your smile back. Just be respectful and your customer might eventually return your gesture.


For instance, in a grocery store scenario, a mother inquires a sales personnel on where she could find a coconut milk around the store and the sales personnel would just dismiss the mother by simply saying she does not know where the location of the coconut milk is. There are two wrong things here: first, the salesperson does not know where things are located at the store when he or she has the role to know every location of every item at the store; and second, the salesperson does not know how to deal with the customer right. True, not everyone can memorize a lot of things but if the sales personnel truly knows what he or she is doing, he or she can direct the mother to another sales personnel who might possibly know the location of the grocery items.


Again, no one is perfect; everyone knows that. Do not force to schedule a follow-up to a customer especially if you know you cannot commit to it. Do not pretend you can do things even if your services are only limited. Broke a promise? Explain why. There are some businesses out there who do not care to explain to their customers when things go wrong for them for fear that they will get an earful of complaints. Be brave enough to explain to your customers because remember that they have rights and they have every right to know why there was a mistake or failure in their business transaction.