Road Kill Jam, 20.5 oz Mason Jar

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Road Kill Jam, 20.5 oz Mason Jar
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Road Kill Jam contains raspberries, apples, and black walnuts- all those things one might find along the side of the road. The walnut bits and raspberry seeds eerily resemble bits of flesh and bone, adding to this jam’s witty namesake. Dot's famous Road Kill Jam is lovingly made in small batches in the heart of West Virginia, where we only honk if absolutely necessary, we stop to help if someone's broken down along the road, and we're not shy about putting "Road Kill" on the menu.

Ingredients: Apples, raspberries, sugar, black walnuts, pectin

Botanical names: Malus domestica (Common Apple), Rubus idaeus (Raspberry), Juglans nigra (Black Walnut)

Flavor profile: Sweet, tart, and nutty

All of Smoke Camp Crafts’ jams and jellies are made with low sugar, no additives or preservatives, West Virginia Grown and/or organically grown produce, all-natural pectin and so much love, you can taste it. Labels can be customized for your event (re: weddings, bridal showers, etc.) or business gifts.

Key Features

INGREDIENTS: Apples, raspberries, raw cane sugar, black walnuts, pectin

FLAVOR PROFILE- An unconventional blend that's daring, bold, tart, fruity and nutty.

LIVEN UP YOUR FOOD- For a unique twist on a classic smore, add some of our delicious Roadkill jam for even more flavorful fun!

SMALL BATCH MADE - Handcrafted in small batches with all-natural ingredients. Smoke Camp Crafts' jams and jellies are made with West Virginia grown and or organically-grown produce, all-natural pectin and so much love, you can taste it.

MADE IN USA - Made and packaged by hand in Weston, West Virginia. We welcome visitors to our small jelly kitchen by appointment. If you're in the area, stop by and take a tour!

ECO-FRIENDLY CONTAINER- These adorable glass jars can be reused or recycled to reduce waste!

VEGAN-FRIENDLY and GLUTEN-FREE - Made with fruit-derived pectin and pure cane sugar.

WOMEN-OWNED - Our business has been successfully woman-owned and run since its founding in 1978. By purchasing our product, you are supporting a WBENC-recognized small business in central West Virginia.

Germination Recommendations

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